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Email Address: chhall@pway.org (This is the best way to reach me.)
Phone number: (732) 752-2501  ext.5760
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between 12:15-1:05 and 3:30-4:00. You an email me anytime. (I CAN NOT ANSWER THE PHONE DURING TEACHING HOURS.)



We are “Marching” right along with the school year. Now that we are in March your children are working on naming 2D and 3D shapes. We have also been asking questions, remembering that a statement is not a question, and answering the hard questions like why and how.

All of our friends are now on reading levels and have all gone up at least one level, so keep up the great work on our sight words and word families to help with reading and writing skills. And don’t forget that questioning your child after they read is just as important as knowing what the words say. It’s not considered reading without comprehension.




  1. March 17th St. Patrick’s day
  2. March 18th Spring Picture day
  3. March 20th is the first day of spring


Word families to practice:

-ail, –ake, -ice, -ee, -ike, -ain, -ay, -ump, -ide, -ock, -ank, -ame, ing, -est, -ale, -ar, -ight, -oat, -ine, -ack, -oke, -ate, -ell, -unk, -ill, -ink, and  -ash


Sight words:

The, a, and, I, to, am, in, is, it, as, of, when, came, saw, was, mom, dad, going, are, we, see, be, she, he, me, at, into, what, how, some, an, yes, on, and no

Don't forget we are still working on the Magic Tree House series so here is the names of all that we should get to. We have already gotten to the ones in BLUE.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.


1.DinosaursBefore Dark
2.TheKnight at Dawn
3.Mummiesin the Morning
4.PiratesPast Noon
5.Nightof the Ninjas
6.Afternoonon the Amazon
7.Sunsetof the Saber tooth
8.Midnighton the Moon

9.Dolphinsat Daybreak
10.GhostTown at Sundown
11.Lionsat Lunchtime
12.PolarBears Pasted Bedtime
13.VacationUnder the Volcano



Wednesday’s are library days.

Wednesday and Thursday is gym your child needs to wear sneakers.

Friday is Grandview Greatness day!! (Don’t forget to wear your Gecko shirts)

Please label all jackets and outer wear so that we know who’s is who’s.

Contact Me

      I hope that I have answered all of your questions, and that this will help make your student’s transition to kindergarten smooth.

      If you have any questions please feel free to check the website or email me at chhall@pway.org.

      I cannot answer the phone while I’m teaching, but I will get to any emails as soon as time warrants.

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          Then enter @mrshall181 as the message and send follow the instructions after that.


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