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Board of Education Boulevard

Common Core Corner
Superintendent's Corner

2016-2017 Supply Lists

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130 North Randolphville Road 
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854 
(732) 752-2501 
Fax (732) 752-8101

School Office Hours
8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
William F. Baskerville, Jr., Principal

Danielle Weisman, Assistant Principal

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School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Dr. Heather Blumert 
Email: Ext. 5751

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator: David Rubin
Email: 732-572-2289 x 2524

Day 100 Celebration- Grandview 2nd Grade Teachers
Day 100

Third Grade Academic Achievement Recognition

 Rec 1
Rec 2
Rec 3
Rec 4
Rec 6
Rec 7
Rec 8
Rec special

Grandview's Jeopardy Challenge 

Jeopardy Winners
2016 Jeopardy Winners 

Grandview Jeopardy 2016.(Click Here for More Pictures from the Event) pdf

Grandview Book Fair 2016
Book Fair 2016

Book Fair B

Grandview Project Based Learning Gallery. (Click Here to View) 

Grandview PARCC Workshop-2017 (Click Here to View)

 2016 Grandview GNEXT Event. (Click Here for Pictures)

2016 Grandview Hour of Coding Event Pictures (Click Here to View)


Watch a video created by Piscataway Schools TV 
called "P-WAY State of Mind" by clicking 


Welcome New Teachers!
Piscataway welcomed our new teachers to the district today! Our new teachers will gather in the administration building this week, learning more about district expectations and operations. We are excited to bring this new talent to our classrooms and students!
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