March Update

Important Dates:

3/2-3/6: Read Across America Week
3/6: Spring Picture Day
3/10: Early Dismissal for Students
3/13: Gertrude Hawk Fundraiser Ends
3/17-3/20: Book Fair
3/18: Grandview Reads @ 6:30 (Optional)
^ Book Fair open during GV Reads ^
3/26: Build With Me @ 6:30 (Optional)
3/31: Spring Musical at Schor Middle School @ 7pm


Here is what we have to look forward to in March:


In Reader’s Workshop we finish our Lucy Calkins reading unit, “Bigger Books Mean Amping up Reading Power”. This unit focuses on three aspects of reading: fluency, literary language, and tracking longer stories. The class is keeping track of which characters are talking, deciphering interesting uses of language, reading in collaboration with book clubs, and more!

In Writer’s Workshop we will finish our Lucy Calkins reading unit, “Poetry”. The class is learning about the sounds and feelings of poetry by reading poems aloud in groups, with partners, and alone. Students are also exploring objects and memories, recognizing the poetry in their own lives! Students are practicing word choice by choosing precise words, using repetition, and conveying feelings to match the moods of their different poems. Finally, students are playing with point of view, realizing that they can pretend to speak to something or as something or create imaginary back-and-forth conversations in the shape of poems.


Each week we will continue to have our Star Student lead us through our calendar routine. We will wrap up 3-digit addition and subtraction in our “Go Math” workbooks and begin chapter 7 titled, Time and Money. Throughout the chapter the students will be able to find the values of different combinations of coins as well as combinations greater than one dollar. As the students are introduced to time, they will be able to identify different ways to read time on a clock. They will also understand the meaning of hour, half hour, A.M., P.M., and be able to tell and write time to the nearest 5 minutes. We will also continue to challenge ourselves by completing our Math-ercise activities and compare our scores by graphing them on our personal charts.

**Science/Social Studies**

Saint Patrick’s Day
Cultures and Diversity
Relationships in Habitats