Room 11 Monthly Updates


Reader’s Workshop – The children will continue to practice the routines of reader’s workshop. Each day, we will begin with an opening meeting, continue to an independent work period, and end with a closing meeting.  I have assessed the children to determine their reading levels.  During work period, small guided reading groups will meet with me to focus on skills and strategies to become better readers.  In March, we will work on reading bigger books fluently and reading nonfiction books in book clubs.

Writer’s Workshop – Students have become familiar with writer’s workshop routines.  After a minilesson and teacher modeling, children work independently and with peers to write about their topics.  We will be continuing to write poems and then work on nonfiction writing.  Through partner work and conferences with the teacher, the students will continue to improve their writing pieces.  

Phonics – This month, we will be working on double vowels, such as ai, ay, ea, ee, and ey. The children will receive their home packets to improve in these skills as well as “trick words”, which are words that do not follow phonetic rules.

Math – We will complete Chapter 7 in the Go Math series for second grade, which is about money and time.  We will then go on to chapter 8, which is about customary units of length.  

Social Studies – We will learn about economics and topics such as needs and wants and supply and demand.

Science – We will learn about matter and changes in matter.

HOMEWORK – The second graders will have homework Monday-Thursday.  Each night, they should read at home and record reading on reading logs and complete a math workbook page.  Students should also complete their phonics homework by the due date.