Room 11 Monthly Updates


 Reading Workshop – The children will continue to practice the routines of reader’s workshop. Each day, we will begin with an opening meeting, continue to an independent work period, and end with a closing meeting.  I have assessed the children to determine their reading levels.  During work period, reading groups will meet with teachers to focus on skills and strategies to become better readers.  In October, we will read challenging words and work on finding the words’ meanings.  We will also pay attention to authors’ intentions for writing and practice retelling and writing notes about the books we read.

 Writing Workshop – Students have become familiar with writer’s workshop routines.  After a minilesson and teacher modeling, children work independently and with peers to write “small moments” narratives.  These personal narratives are stories about the children’s lives.  We will be exploring several mentor texts to learn how authors make their writing better. 

 Phonics – This month, we will be working on Unit 2 in Fundations. This work will include words with bonus letters (f, l, s, and sometimes z); glued or welded sounds (all, am, an, ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk). Students will receive a home packet to work on their phonics skills approximately every two weeks.

 Math – Chapter 2 in the Go Math series for second grade is about place value of three-digit numbers.  Students will be able to make models of numbers and show different ways to write the numbers.  They will also be able to compare numbers using greater thanless than, and equal to symbols.

 Social Studies – We will continue learning about civics, government, and human rights.

 Science – We will learn about various animals, their habitats, and their adaptations.

 HOMEWORK – The second graders will have homework Monday-Thursday.  Each night, they should read at home and complete the assignment from the Think Central website.