Room 29 Monthly Updates


Here is a look at the skills we will be focusing on in May and June:



We will continue doing Readers and Writers Workshops.   We will finish our reading unit called, “Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons.”   For Writers Workshop, we will finish our “From Scenes to Series” writing unit, where the focus will be writing realistic fiction.  We will conclude the year by working on a Kevin Henkes author study unit where we will practice all previously taught reading and writing skills.  We will also focus on:  recognizing author’s patterns, asking questions while reading, making connections while reading, identifying character traits, comparing and contrasting characters, identifying the big idea, identifying story elements (characters, setting, problem, solution), retelling the events of a story, writing opinions about Kevin Henkes books and characters, and writing letters to Kevin Henkes. In addition, we will work on Unit 13 with learning about suffix ‘s’, ‘ing’, and ‘ed’ added to multisyllabic words and adding suffix ‘es’ to unchanging basewords with closed syllables, along with paragraph structureLastly, we will work on Unit 14 with review of word structure and concepts and review of sentence construction and proofreading.



We will continue do the calendar as part of our daily routine, which includes the date, the days of the week, the months of the year, patterns, and counting the days using hundreds, tens, and ones. In addition, we will be using defining attributes to sort shapes, describing attributes of two-dimensional shapes, using objects to compose new two-dimensional shapes, compose a new shape by combining two-dimensional shapes, make new shapes from composite two-dimensional shapes using the strategy “act it out,” decompose combined shapes into shapes, decompose two-dimensional shapes into parts, identify equal and unequal parts (or shares) in two-dimensional shapes, partition circles and rectangles into two equal shares and partition circles and rectangles into four equal shares. We will conclude the year by practicing all the skills taught in first grade to get ready for second grade!  


**Science / Social Studies**

-Light and Sound

-Communicating with Light and Sound

-Mother’s Day

-Memorial Day

-Flag Day

-Father’s Day