​     ​                    HOMEWORK ROUTINE

-There will be Math and Literacy homework, Monday through Thursday.  

-It is extremely beneficial to read to your child every night:
Reasons for Reading to your Children...    


Because when you hold them and give them this attention, they know you love them.


Because reading to them will encourage them to become readers.


Because children’s books today are so good that they are fun even for adults.


Because illustrations in children’s books often rank with the best, giving children a lifetime feeling for good art.


Because books are one way of passing on your values.


Because books will enable your child’s imagination to soar.


Because, until they learn to read themselves, they will think you are magic.


Because, for that short space of time, they will stay clean and quiet.


Because, if you do, they may then let you read in peace.


Because every teacher and librarian they ever encounter will thank you!

-Your child will participate in a 'Book in a Bag' reading program.  He/she will have the opportunity to bring home books on their reading level. Along with the book will eventually come writing activities. Practicing to read and completing the activities is part of the homework. You will see that the more practice your child gets with reading, the stronger a reader he/she will become. 

                             *IMPORTANT REMINDERS*

* Please check your child's homework each night.  If your child has any difficulty with an assignment please write me a note and send it in with your child the next morning or email me.  Please keep in mind homework is an opportunity to practice/reinforce the skills taught in school.  If your child is struggling, please let me know!

* If your child is participating in the 'Book It' program, please return the book log form at the end of the month.  The program runs October through March.

*Please visit Scholastic.com if you would like to purchase books for your child (click on my Useful Links) or you can return the printed order form with payment. Please keep in mind a due date is posted at the top of the printed flyer.  

*Click on my Useful Links for additional websites to reinforce math/reading skills at home.