November Updates

November Classroom Announcements:

November 3: Early Dismissal @ 1:15
(No small groups this day)

November 5-6: NO SCHOOL
NJEA Convention

November 13: 1st Marking Period Ends

November 18 & 19: Evening Conferences
Early Dismissal @ 1:15

November 20: Daytime Conferences
Early Dismissal @ 1:15

November 25: Early Dismissal @ 1:15

November 26-27: NO SCHOOL
Happy Thanksgiving


In Reader’s Workshop we will continue our second Lucy Calkins unit, “Growing Word Solving Muscles”. We will also begin our third Lucy Calkins unit, “Becoming Experts Reading Nonfiction.” Throughout this unit the students will grow knowledge as they pay attention to detail, put parts of a text together, and answer questions about a text. Later they will learn to tackle tricky words in order to help them navigate their nonfiction books. Finally, the students will practice growing knowledge across texts as they read topic sets of texts and practice comparing and contrasting.

In Writer’s Workshop we will begin our third Lucy Calkins writing unit, “The How-To Guide for Nonfiction Writing.” Similar to the reading unit, this unit is also divided into three bends. Throughout the first bend the students will focus on writing nonfiction chapter books. The second bend will teach students to consider their audience, which will help them write with purpose. The unit concludes with the third bend, which allows students to make choices about how to shape their information and consider what kind of book to make.


Each day our Student of the Day will lead us through our calendar routine. This includes math skills we have practiced in First Grade and will continue to expand upon in Second Grade such as identifying the date, the days of the week, the months of the year, patterns, even and odd numbers, skip counting, place value, and more. We will begin Chapter 3, “Basic Facts and Relationships” in our Go Math workbook. We will practice using our math vocabulary such as sums, addends, and differences. We will practice finding the sums of three addends, recalling differences for basic facts by using mental strategies, using bar models, finding differences on a number line, and writing different types of equations.

**Science/Social Studies**
~Veteran's Day
~History, Culture and Perspective