Room 11 Monthly Updates

Reading Workshop – In the fourth marking period, the students will continue to find different nonfiction text structures and compare and contrast nonfiction books. We will then read books in a series so that we can learn about the characters in the series. We will also explore fairy tales and folktales. For both fiction and nonfiction reading, students will work in book clubs with others.

 Writing Workshop – The children have been trying different structures of nonfiction and adding details to teach their readers. Some other writing will be fiction and fairy tales.

Phonics – Students will work on various vowel and letter teams (oo, ou, ue, ew, aw, and au). We will learn about consonant-le syllables and review all types of syllables. Continue to practice trick words.

 Math –  We are learning about money and time. We will also learn how to measure length using customary units. Students will use graphs to represent data. We will then learn about geometry and fractions. Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts!

Social Studies – Students will use maps and globes. They will also learn how landforms, weather, climate, and resources affect people. The children will find out how people can impact the environment and learn about different regions of the United States.

 Science – Students will do investigations to learn about plants, including how plants meet their needs to survive and how plants adapt to their habitats.

 HOMEWORK – The second graders will have homework Monday-Thursday.  Each night, they should read at home and complete the assignment from the Think Central website.