Room 11 Monthly Updates

Reading Workshop – In the second marking period, the students will grow knowledge by reading nonfiction books. The students will read more than one book on the same topic and learn new vocabulary for each topic that they read about. We will celebrate reading nonfiction by teaching others in the class about our topics. Then our class will focus on meeting characters in fiction books.

 Writing Workshop – The children will write nonfiction books about topics that they are experts in. They will share their books and knowledge with the class. Our next unit will be about writing letters to share opinions.

Phonics – Students will work on vowel-consonant-e words, words will more than one syllable, and adding suffixes to words. We will also practice our trick words each week.

 Math – Chapter 3 in the Go Math series for second grade is about basic addition and subtraction facts. It is important for the children to practice these facts often. In Chapter 4, we will be learning strategies to use while adding 2-digit numbers. 

Social Studies – We are learning about immigration, culture, and the state of New Jersey.

 Science – We will learn about winter science topics and our next science unit, Processes That Shape the Earth. In this unit, we will learn about landforms, bodies of water, and erosion.

 HOMEWORK – The second graders will have homework Monday-Thursday.  Each night, they should read at home and complete the assignment from the Think Central website.