Hall, Christie

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Email Address: chhall@pway.org (This is the best way to reach me.)
Phone number: (732) 752-2501  ext.5760
Best time to reach me:
between 12:15-1:05 and 3:30-4:00. You can email me anytime. (I CANNOT ANSWER THE PHONE DURING TEACHING HOURS I will always get back to you on email.)

Please, if you have any change in your information  contact me or the front office so that we  can always get in touch with you.


Winter is here!
It has been a long fall, but we made it! 
We will be starting in January testing the kindergarteners on their reading levels, I can't wait to see how well your student can read!
In writing we have been working hard on books and making them as amazing as we can. We have been using drawing with as many details as we can, making labels for all the things in our pictures, and writing sentences the best we know how by ourselves. It's a really hard task for kindergarten, but we are always up for a challenge.
In math we are counting by ones, fives, and tens and we started addition soon to be followed up with subtraction. Addition has included counting on so we don't have to start from the beginning every time, it's hard work.
It is amazing how much my students are adapting and learning through online learning and I hope we continue when we go to hybrid come February. I know it will be a transition, but together we can make it happen.

SPECIAL 1:50-2:25  (MTWF) 1:10-1:45 (Thursday)
Th-Digital literacy

If you have any questions  please feel free to contact me via email at chhall@pway.org or come to any of my office hours on zoom M-F 3:15-3:25