Project Showcase 2017-2018
Grade 1
Students have studied their unit in Poetry and have completed recordings of their poems, using guided internet search for images, they selected a photo to go with their poem and created this podcast.  Below is just a sample of what we have completed so far.
Room 17

Grade 2

Room 15- Women's History Month Research
In the classroom, your students studied women in history.  In Digital Literacy, they scripted their knowledge and created a podcast, with guided internet image search, Discussing the importance of key words in a search.

Grade 3

Guided Research with Green Screen
We have continued through with a classroom-based project on metamorphosis.  Students conducted a guided research project.  Following this, they scripted, edited, filmed, and selected background pictures using our Engineering Design Process.
Room 23 -

Room 24 -

Green Screen Projects

We have created a "Show what we know" project on our Jack and Annie Units we have studied throughout the school year.  Each Class has done a specific unit and recorded their voices sharing their knowledge of the topic.  Enjoy!