Homework Page & Rules

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 Homework Guidelines:

The children have a math worksheet and word work homework every day except Friday.  Please always look for math homework and have your child return the worksheet back to school the next day.  There will be daily word work homework assignments, which will be repeated each week but using different words.  Please be sure to follow these directions, which will be stapled to the inside cover of the word work notebook.  Additionally, your child should be reading for at least 30 minutes each night.  I encourage all the children to try homework independently, but then it is important to review your child’s work for precision and accuracy.  Please help your child read the directions very carefully and be sure they have followed all directions.  Each night, you should look over your child’s homework for completion and accuracy and initial that you have checked their assignmentsIf your child is absent, please go ahead and do the next night’s word work assignment so that they are not far behind when they return to school. 

~Please check the Friday Folders every Friday, review the taught skills over the weekend and return the empty folder every Monday
~Please fill out and return Book Orders every month, if you wish you order
~ Please send in Box Tops for Education as often as you can

**remember to wear sneakers for gym class**

**remember to bring back library books for library class**