Kindergarten Remote Learning Lesson Plans

Please click on the artwork on the easel in the PDF of the bitmoji classroom, to view a step by step video of how to create the week's project.

Week of September 14th
Week of September 14th Portfolio Project.pdf

Week of September 21st:
2020 Week of September 21 Project 2.pdf

Week of September 28th:
2020 Week of September 28th Sports Jersey Project.pdf

Week of October 5th: (Mondrian)
2020 Week of October 5th Project 3.pdf

Week of October 19th: (Flower Drawing) (Hispanic Heritage Month)
La Dia De Los Muertos.pdf

Week of October 26th: (Autumn Tree Trio) 
2020 Week of October 26th Project 4.pdf

Week of November 2nd: (Calaveras)
2020 Week of November 2nd Project 5.pdf

Week of November 9th: (Lines)
2020 Week of November 9th Project 6.pdf

Week of November 16th: (Flag of India Drawing)
2020 Week of November 16th Diwali Projects.pdf

Week of November 23rd: (How to Draw a Turkey)
2020 Week of November 23rd Thanksgiving Classroom .pdf

Week of November 30th: (How to draw Among Us character)
Week of November 30th Among Us projects.pdf

Week of December 7th: (Joan Miro Illustration)
Week of December 7th Project 7.pdf

Week of December 14th: (Cut Paper Snowflake)
Week of December 14th Winter Projects.pdf