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Welcome Back to another year of exploring the Visual Arts! 

General Art/ K - 3

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Email Address: clee@pway.org
Phone number: 732-752-2501 ext. 5763
Best time to reach me: Please leave a message and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible

Greetings from the Art room! My name is Christian Lee and I am happy to be your guide into the world of the Visual Arts. As the art teacher of Grandview School, my goal is for every child to experience different techniques and learn different theories stemming from art of past and present. In my program, I also try to introduce students to different cultures' traditions, arts, and histories, while creating a tangible work of art.

Here's a little background of myself for you...I have earned my Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, through the School of Visual Arts, in New York City. I received my teaching degree at Kean University in 1993. My freelance work has consisted of various mural paintings, illustrations, and screen printings. Finally, I have been teaching in the Piscatway School District since 1996. (Piscataway High School, Knollwood Elementary School, Grandview Elementary School)



* Students should consider wearing a smock for their weekly art classes.

What is a smock? A smock is a protective covering to help shield the various art materials, such as paint, from staining the student's clothing. A smock can be as fancy as a store bought apron or as easily accessible as an old oversized T-shirt. I do have a limited amount of smocks on hand for students to borrow. They will be issued out on a first come first served basis. Thank you always for your understanding and support!


*2019-2020 Update: Throughout the years I have collected many smocks left behing by former Grandview Alumni. Thanks to these wonderful young artists, it is not neccessary for each student to bring their own smock to art every week. If students would like to bring their own smock to use, that is more than welcomed. 


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*Gifted and Talented Art Tryouts will begin in mid- October.