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Mrs. Gati's Class
I am very excited to start a new school year with you! 

In Reader's Workshop, we will begin with a unit called, "Building a Reading Life."  Students will learn how reader's workshop will go in third grade.  Later in the unit, students will focus on learning to make predictions and summarize what they read.

In Writer's Workshop, we will begin with a unit called, "Crafting a True Stories."  Students will write personal narratives.  They will learn to find the most important part of their story and to add details to stretch this part out.  They will learn the writing process and focus on true revision before writing a final draft.
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In other news....

Take a look at our third grade newsletters from previous years (located on the right side of this page).

Also, take a look on our student work page to see some great books written by members of my third grade class!

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