October Updates

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Happy October!

Our Room 12 Besties have been doing a wonderful job at becoming acclimated to their new way of learning and working hard as Second Graders! As we continue to make our way through the second month of school we will continue to work hard, show respect, and practice the rules and routines of virtual learning. 

~Ms. Ferraz

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Here is what we are learning this month…


In Reader’s Workshop we will continue working our first unit of study from Lucy Calkins titled Second Grade Reading Growth Spurt. This unit is divided into three bends. The first bend launches the year and gets readers working toward the big work of reading with fluency, stamina, and comprehension. The second bend recruits students to work on tackling hard words. The final bend invites readers to use what they are learning in writing to help them think more deeply in reading.

In Writer’s Workshop we will wrap up our current writing unit and begin our next unit of study, Lessons from the Masters: Improving Narrative Craft. This unit is divided into three bends. During the first bend students will learn to magnify their small moments, paying great attention to detail, and crafting powerful beginnings and endings. In the following bend students will learn from authors’ craft. Students will understand why an author uses a particular craft move and focus on paying attention to word choice and language in their own writing.  The final bend sets children up to make reading and writing connections, drawing on everything they have learned up until this point to discover craft moves in books they are reading on their own and to apply these to their own writing.



Each day our Student of the Day will lead us through our calendar routine. This includes math skills we have practiced in First Grade and will continue to expand upon in Second Grade such as identifying the date, the days of the week, the months of the year, patterns, even and odd numbers, skip counting, place value and more! During the month of October, the students will wrap up Chapter 1 and begin Chapter 2 in their “Go Math!” workbooks, titled Numbers to 1,000. Throughout the chapter the students will practice place value, comparing 3-digit numbers using <, =, and < symbols, reading and writing 3-digit numbers and identifying 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, or 100 less than a given number.


**Science/Social Studies**

~Civics, Government and Human Rights
~Animal Diversity, Habitats and Adaptations
~Christopher Columbus


**Important Dates**

10/13 – Early Dismissal for Teacher In-Service
10/30 – Class Halloween Celebration