Room 24 Monthly Updates

Here's What's Happening in Room 24!


Students are now learning about Perimeter and Area.  Students will be familiar with measuring perimeter with a ruler and finding area by counting square units or solving length x width equations.  Later in the month, students will be learning more about 3-D figures such as prisms and cylinders.  Remember to still practice the basic multiplication and division facts throughout the week as well.  There are so many fun games and apps that reinforce these concepts!          

Reading and Writing

Students will have Readers Workshop and Writers Workshop each day in Mrs. Gati's classroom.  Students should always be reading and writing at home.  Let your child see that you love to read and write too. 


Students will be learning about animal traits.  Why do some animals have fur?  Why can some animals fly?

Until further notice, students should be completing the Distant Learning assignments.    

Love, Mrs. Errickson

Remember to check your email and district website for updates about Distant Learning.  

Stay Healthy!