October Updates




The DeLair Press


What We’re Learning

-Writer’s Workshop: We are discovering we are authors as we put our ideas on paper with pictures and words. Teaching others about the things we know and capturing true stories from our lives is exciting & inspiring!

-We will begin to work on beginning and ending sounds using the sound map. It is important that your child uses sounds/letters he or she hears when writing. Our goal is to encourage and support independent writers! Thanks for all your support!

-Reader’s Workshop: We are discovering we are also readers as we explore Learn-About-The-World Books (Nonfiction) and Old Favorite Storybooks (Fiction).


-FUNdations: Over the next several weeks, we will be learning/reviewing letter names and sounds and proper letter formation for lower case letters
(encouraging correct pencil grip).

If you are wondering how you can help…here are a few reminders to help develop oral expression & vocabulary at home- encourage your child to answer “wonder” statements, help expand his/her vocab. by rephrasing, ask open-ended questions, limit TV time, & provide household props that encourage pretend play.


-Go Math Workshop: Represent, Count, & Write Numbers 0 to 5; Compare Numbers to 5

Upcoming Events:

10/5-10/9: Week of Respect  & Fire Prevention Week

10/9: PBSIS Kickoff

10/13-Teacher in Service

Virtual Learning Reminders


-Check your email daily.

-Check Google classroom for important information.

-Assist your child with Zoom rules & procedures and independent activities.

-Review/discuss your child  behavior calendar daily.

-Sneakers must be worn on gym days (Tues. & Thur.).

-Scholastic orders are placed monthly. Books will be delivered to your homes. 😉