September Monthly Update

W e l c o m e    K i n d e r g a r t n e r s 

The month of September is off to a very busy start for the new Kindergarten students entering Grandview Elementary School.  I sincerely hope your children have been doing well at home and enjoying some summertime fun! 

This new school year brings with it many unique challenges for our students as they will doing their school lessons at home during this period of “Virtual Learning”.  It is a new, uncharted course for many of the teachers as well. We would be so appreciative of your patience and understanding as I (we) work through all of the many challenges of teaching your little ones digitally.     


Our Piscataway school district has graciously provided each kindergarten student with an iPad so that you can have access at home to our K curriculum. 

Go Math! - the Think Central website will be available for students to view during live lessons with me and then work on their classwork pages and complete homework assignments in their Go Math! workbooks.  This month we will begin Chapter 1 - Represent, Count & Write Numbers 0-5.  Through a daily update on my Google Classroom page - you will receive the lesson number & information for your child to do on the Think Central website.  You will also be asked to help your child practice their different math skills in a "Math Journal" - which will provided to you.


In Literacy, our class will be using the website to read and listen to books at their own reading level.  Please consider having your child use the microphone when reading, so that I can listen to them too.  I would love to hear their sweet voices!   Read, read, read !

Another free website that is available to you for stories & videos is: Epic! books (  I may also use these sites to assign books for your children for read-alouds and Science & Social Studies lessons.

We will using "Reader’s Workshop" to listen to and learn about some amazing books and we will be learning strategies to become Super Readers!  Our first unit is: "We Are Readers".  You will receive more information on this topic very soon!  

For “Writing Workshop” we will be learning about the writing process and our first unit is: "Launching the Writing Workshop".  You will be  receiving more detail about this very soon.

Our class will also work in “FUNdations” as we practice phonological awareness; letter names, sounds, keywords and letter formation. You will be receiving a FUNdations Student Notebook for your child to practice these skills at home as we learn them together. 


Special dates to note:

Sept.  8 - First Day of Kindergarten!
Sept. 22- Virtual 'Back to School' & PTO meeting
Sept. 28 - Yom Kippur - school closed

We wish you a very warm welcome and are so happy to have you in our Kindergarten class this year!
Mrs. Heller & Ms. S
Grandview Greatness ~ Respectful, Responsible, Successful