Picinich, Allison

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Mrs. Picinich's First Grade Class!



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Email Address: apicinich@pway.org
Phone number: 732-752-2501 ext. 5719


Dear First Grader,


          I hope you have enjoyed your summer!  I am so excited to start the new school year!  Are you excited to start school?


          This year will be so much fun!  We will be learning how to be good readers and writers.  We will also be learning to add, subtract, tell time and learn place value.  Of course, we will learn how to be kind to each other, too.  There are so many wonderful things we will learn and do in First Grade!


          Do you want to know about your new teacher?  I went to Rutgers University to be a teacher because I loved and adored my First Grade teacher.  This year will be my 23rd year teaching First Grade at Grandview School.  My name used to be Miss Kahn until I got married 14 summers ago.  I have a beautiful 11 year old daughter named Lexi, who loves reading.  Do you love reading books, too?


          I am really looking forward to meeting you and your family.  I know you will make good choices, be a great listener, work hard, and will always try your best!  We are going to have a terrific school year together!


                                          Your teacher,

Mrs. Picinich

                                          Room 19


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