April Updates


What We’re Learning


Writer’s Workshop: As we explore opinion writing, we are sending our wonderful words out into the world; that is writing letters to make a CHANGE!


Reader’s Workshop: As we become ‘Avid Readers’ we are learning from All-About books and falling in LOVE with poetry. YAY!

Did you know April is poetry month? We can celebrate by reading and reflecting on a variety of structured poems including:

Alliteration-a series of words that start with the same sound

(ex. big, bold, and beautiful)

Rhyme-words that have the same ending sound

(ex. Tiny little mice, sly and precise, waiting for cheese, will never say please)

Repetition-words or phrases repeating inside

(ex. beauty is a pink sunset, lighting up the sky, beauty is a pink sunset, whispering to the night)

FUNdations: This unit we are focusing on diagraphs (wh, ch, sh, th, and ck) & learning new trick words.

Go Math:

Identify and Describe Two & Three-Dimensional Shapes

Upcoming Events


4/6: Dress down for Autism

4/9 & 4/12: Picture Day

4/22: Earth Day

4/30: Arbor Day

Virtual Reminders

-Please continue to help your child complete/return homework daily.

-Have him/her practice sight words & word families at home. 

-Help your child complete the Book in the Bag Activity.

-Review & discuss your child’s weekly work and learning goals.