March 2021 - Monthly Update

December 2020 - Monthly Update - Room 4                           

December is here along with many wonderful holiday and seasonal activities for our children in room 4.  We are excited about some special activities that we will do in our class and in Grandview School.  We will read the fairytale - The Gingerbread Man and enjoy hearing several versions of this classic story.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

In Math, we have been working hard on our Go Math lessons and just finished Chapter 4: “Representing & Comparing Numbers to 10” and will begin “Addition” in Chapter 5 this upcoming week.  We continue to practice counting by ones & tens to100 and by fives to 50.  Our students are doing well as they practice number writing and are trying really hard to write each number correctly, especially on the monthly calendars and number charts.  WOW!  We are learning so much and growing in our math skills every day! 

Our class especially loves our daily Morning Meeting and ‘calendar time’ when we practice naming the days of the week and the months of the year.  A favorite Science activity for us is being “Weather Watchers”.  We daily observe the weather by looking out our windows at home and taking note of what we see.  J  This month we also began learning about thermometers and have been discussing the temperature of the air outside. Finally - we have been learning about ‘degrees’ and how the temperature of the air affects the liquid in the thermometer.  It was an exciting day for us on Wednesday, December 12th when we saw SNOW for the first time this year!  We loved it so much that we drew pictures and wrote sentences about it in Writers Workshop that day!  J  Another fun activity was viewing the Mystery Science website and trying to figure out where the “coldest place on the earth” is.                                                     

                  Q: Do YOU know where it is?                 

                  A: Check back here next month for the answer! 

In Literacy, we are continuing the ‘Show and Tell’ unit in Writers Workshop and the ‘Emerging Storybook Readers’ in Readers Workshop.  We are working very hard to ‘independently’ write the sounds in our words and write ‘complete’ sentences. The students are making wonderful progress in learning to read and write the first set of ‘Snap’ words.  We are also learning to use ‘reading strategies’ as we practice reading leveled texts in private and partner reading times.  In Fundations we are starting Unit 1 Week 10 this week and will be finishing up this unit on lower case letters (and learning the letter names-keywords-sounds) in mid-January.  Please encourage your child at home to do their best as they practice these skills on their homework assignments.

This month we will be learning about and celebrating some special days:  the first day of winter, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa.  We will be enjoying a special holiday snack together on Wednesday, December 23rd.  Our virtual Winter-Sing-a-Long is also scheduled on that day!  J  More info will be coming soon!

It was wonderful to meet with so many families on our Zoom Parent-Teacher conferences.  Thank you for making time to discuss with us how your child is doing in our class.  We truly appreciate your ongoing support so that this kindergarten year is the very best it can be for your child!


Some upcoming dates to note:

December 16 & 17- Kindergarten Supply pick up at
                                     Grandview 8AM-4PM

December 21 - Virtual Bedtime Stories (in the evening) More
                               info soon!

December 23 - Grandview Pajama Day & Winter Sing-a-Long/                                    Early Dismissal Day!

December 24 ->January 2- School closed for Winter Break  J

January 4, 2021 - School Opens for the New Year 2021!                            


It is a joy for Ms. S and I to have your children in our class this year.  We would like to wish you and your family a very safe and enjoyable Holiday Season!