April Update

April Monthly Update – Room 4

The month of April is off to a very busy start for the students in Grandview School.  I hope your children are adjusting well to doing their school lessons at home during this period of “Virtual Learning”.  It has been a new, unchartered course for many of the teachers as well.  I am so appreciative of your patience and understanding as I (we) work through all of the many challenges of teaching your little ones digitally.  J   


During the month of April our school district has provided online home access to the Go Math! Think Central site for the students to view, work on lessons and complete assignments.  This month we will finish Chapter 9: Identifying & Describing Two-Dimensional Shapes and will begin Chapter 10: Identifying & Describing Three-Dimensional Shapes.  Through a daily email from me - you will receive the lesson number & information for your child to do on the Think Central website.  You will also be asked to have your child work on Math fluency on Splash Learn.  Reminder:  your child’s log in is:  

                     Username: their school ID#   (ej. 1234567)

                     Password:  p followed by their ID#   (ej.  p1234567)


In Literacy, our class will continue utilizing the Kidsa-z.com website to read and listen to books at their own reading level.  Please consider having your child use the microphone when reading, so that I can listen to them too.  I love hearing their sweet voices!  J  Read, read, read !

Some other free websites that are available to you for stories are: Audible, Storyline online and Epic!.  I may also use these sites to assign books for your children for Read-Alouds and Science & Social Studies lessons.

Later this month we will begin a new unit in Reader’s workshop titled “Becoming Avid Readers”.  You will receive more information on this new topic very soon!  J

For the “Writing” portion of Literacy – I have been asking your child to use ‘writing prompts’ to respond to stories/books they have read or listened to.  Some of these prompts are:

I like the part when___________.      I wonder if_______________.

I felt____________ when_____________.

I thought it was____________ because______________.

My favorite character is___________ because____________.

Our class will also continue our work in “FUNdations” as we practice phonological awareness; letter names, sounds, formation; vocabulary; ‘snap’ words; fluency; comprehension; handwriting and sentence structure.  We will be finishing Units 2 & 3 and will begin Unit 4 after Spring Break.  You will receive “Home Support” packets for each of these units. J


Our Science themes this month are: Spring - observing seasonal changes; Nature & Weather; Earth Day & the Environment.

In Social Studies – we will be learning about “Communities” – Family, Neighborhood and School communities.


Thank you so much again for all of your support!  Please stay safe and well!