Room 24 Monthly Updates

Here's What's Happening in Room 24!


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Students have learned about Fractions.  Students are familiar with equal parts vs. unequal parts, unit fractions, and using a number line to compare fractionsNow, students are learning about ways to compare fractions and how to create equivalent fractions.  Remember to still practice the basic addition and subtraction facts and multiplication and division facts throughout the week as well.  There are so many fun games and apps that reinforce these concepts!          

Social Studies/ Science

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Students are now learning about Regions of the United States.  We will be exploring questions like these with many fun lessons.

How is the land on the West Coast different than the land on the East Coast ?
Why are some parts of the United States colder than other parts of our country?  

Reading and Writing

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Students will have Readers Workshop and Writers Workshop each day in Mrs. Gati's  Hybrid Classroom.  Students should always be reading and writing at home.  Let your child see that you love to read and write too. 


Love, Mrs. Errickson

Remember to check your email and the district website for updates about Hybrid Learning.  

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