Monthly Updates



In Writer’s Workshop we are writing so much! We are studying all different types of poetry and using our poet's eye to write beautiful poems.  

In Reader’s Workshop we are AMPING UP our reading. We work hard to be fluent, understand literary language, and keep track of the longer books we are reading. We love to read!

In Math we have mastered place value up to 3-digits and can add and subtract using many different strategies. We are now focusing on adding 3-digit numbers with and without regrouping.  We problem solve daily and always use math talk, words, and pictures to explain our thinking. Second graders are amazing mathematicians!

Second graders have also started learning about “Matter” in science. Matter is everything around us. We can name solids, liquids, and gases and even tell their properties. Science is so much fun!

Second Graders always remember to show Grandview Greatness be being:

Respectful, Responsible, and Successful!