Monthly Updates

September News! 


We will begin our “First 30 Days” Introduction to Readers and Writers Workshops, where the routines and rituals of both workshops will be introduced and practiced.  Some of the skills we will work on for Readers Workshop are: tracking print with one-to-one correspondence, identifying text features, using picture clues, making predictions, using prior knowledge, making text to self connections, using meaning clues, matching spoken words to print, recognizing letter patterns, and responding to literature.  Some of the skills we will work on for Writers Workshop are: generating topics, working with words, developing good writing habits, and learning rules for drafting a writing piece.   In addition, we will begin Unit 1 in Fundations, our phonics program, with reviewing the letter names, keywords, sounds, and lower-case letter formations of the letters a-z.



We will do the calendar as part of our daily routine, which includes the date, the days of the week, the months of the year, patterns, and counting the days using hundreds, tens, and ones.  Also, we will work on using pictures to “add to” and find sums, using concrete objects to solve “adding to” addition problems and “putting together” addition problems, and solving adding to and putting together situations using the strategy of “making a model.”  We will also understand and apply the Additive Identity Property for Addition (adding a number to 0) and the Commutative Property of Addition (adding in any order).  After that, we will model and record all the ways to put together numbers within 10 and build fluency for addition with 10. 

*Science / Social Studies*

-  Constitution Day
- Autumn / Fall
- Johnny Appleseed's Birthday
- Plants