Monthly Updates

Listed below are the skills we will be focusing on during the month of March:

‚ÄčIn Reader's Workshop we will continue working through our unit, "Bigger Books Mean Amping Up Reading Power!"  Throughout this unit students will practice reading fluently, noticing and understanding literacy language, and keeping track of longer chapter books.

First, students will learn about the sounds and feelings of poetry by reading poems aloud in groups, with partners, and alone.  Students will explore objects and memories, recognizing the poetry in their own lives!  Next students will practice word choice by choosing precise words, using repetition, and conveying feelings to match the moods of their different poems.  Finally, students will play with point of view, realizing that they can pretend to speak to something or as something or create imaginary back-and-forth conversations in the shape of poems.

We will begin Chapter 7 in our Go Math! Workbooks titled “Money and Time.”  We will continue to work through chapter 7 in our “Go Math” workbooks titled Time and Money.  Throughout the chapter the students will be able to find the values of different combinations of coins as well as combinations greater than one dollar.  As the students are introduced to time they will be able to identify different ways to read time on a clock.  They will also understand the meaning of hour, half hour, A.M., P.M., and be able to tell and write time to the nearest 5 minutes.

**Science and Social Studies**
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