Remote learning

Greetings Families and Students,

For week 5, we are going on an adventure!  Virtual Field trips allow you to travel to a wealth of places, without ever leaving your home! I have the link to your field trip listed in our remote learning tab (above).  If you choose this activity, to turn in please provide a written w/drawing (take a photo) or typed response to email (based upon your technology avaiable).  Otherwise, please continue with your lesson options below

You have the following activities as a choice.  If choosing the screen free, please send me a photo by email.  Grades K, 1, and 2 will have the option to complete 
one choice.  Grade 3, please complete two choices:

ALL:   Virtual Field Trip (link listed below).  Send an email or written response (with drawn picture) explaining where you were and 3 (three facts) you learned from the field trip.  
**Have your paper ready while your listening so you can write it down while you watch**

Kindergarten and Grade 1 - (Select one activity)
Login to your account and complete lessons
Select a typing game of your choice
Screen free activity (Keyboard sight words)

Grade 2 (Select one activity)
Login to typing club account
Continue with Screen based coding actiting
Screen Free activity (coding with Disney)

Grade 3 (Select two activities)
Continue with typing club activities
Continue with your classroom activities
Screen free activity (coding with Disney)