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We celebrate birthdays during our snack time. You may bring in a birthday snack to share. If possible snacks should be processed in a peanut free facility. The ingredients should be easy to read. If you send in cupcakes, please just send in the mini cupcakes with the sticker peanut free right on top. No ice cream or cake or candy. Other examples of peanut free snacks include the Rold Gold pretzels and Oreos. Please contact me the day before to let me know you will be sending in something. Some families donate a birthday book to our class library or come in to read a story. 


We will have a brief working snack each day. Please send in something quick and easy to eat. Please do not send in peanuts or peanut butter.


Most of the time, students will go outside and play. Please make sure children are dressed in proper footwear each day. Please label jackets and lunchboxes so if lost, they can easily be returned. All children should have a backpack with their name inside of it.


Children should have a homework folder. One side will be for their homework. The other side will be for notes and notices. Please check this daily. Children will also have an agenda or assignment notebook so please check this daily.

Most of the time, children will have to read daily for 20 minutes and ON OCCASION record in their reading log which should remain in their homework folder. They will also have math homework. Sometimes, they will have word work or spelling homework.

If your child does not bring their math paper home, you can download a new copy on think central.

Friday Folders:

Most work will be collected and sent home on Fridays in a manila folder. Please take out the papers and keep them. Please sign the folder and return with your child.


It is easiest to contact me via e-mail

We can then arrange a time to talk.

If you know ahead of time that your child’s dismissal routine will be different, please send in a note, or e-mail.

If you have a dismissal change during the day, please CALL THE OFFICE. DO NOT LEAVE ME A MESSAGE.

 Rules, Hopes and Dreams

Our class rules will be created together, practiced and modeled. They will also be sent home. We also will create hopes and dreams for 2nd  grade. All students will become familiar with their friends’ hopes and dreams. We understand that by working together we can accomplish these throughout the year.