Keseday, Julie


Hello, my name is Julie  Keseday and welcome to my Kindergarten Class!! This is my third year teaching at Grandview and my 8th school year teaching in the school district. 

 Room 33
Contact Information: 


Call: 732-752-2501 x5761

Please leave a message on my voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as possible! If you need to get a message to me immediately, please call the main office.  

happy Holidays to all! 

 We are moving into familiar fairy tales and working on our Show and Tell theme for writing and how to read and write using sight words. 

We are moving through Chapter 5 where we are working on addition. 

Social Studies: 
We have learned about dinosaurs, castles and knights,  ninjas, and Ancient Egypt. We have also been learning about all of the different holidays.

We are currently learning about plants and animals.  


Specials Schedule:
Monday & Wednesday
Digital Literacy-
Music- Friday

Library -

*Please wear sneakers to school every Monday & Wednesday. 


December Events
Fri. Dec 20th- Pajama Day
Fri Dec. 20th- Holiday Party
Dec. 23rd- Jan. 1st - Winter Break!!- School is closed.
Jan. 2nd School Reopens! 


Homework will be sent home each day, Monday-Thursday.
Homework will be one literacy page and one math page. 
Starting in December I will begin sending home a weekly book club assignment to foster a love for reading and comprehension, which will be completed in addition to the daily homework.


Classroom Schedule
8:40-9:00am -Arrival Morning Review
9:00-9:15am- Opening Group (flag, calendar, weather)
9:15-10:15am - Reader's Workshop
10:15-10:30am- Snack
10:30am-11:15pm - Writer's Workshop
11:15pm-12:10pm  Math

12:10pm-12:35pm- Recess
12:40pm-1:05pm- Lunch
1:10pm-1:40pm-   Fundations
Monday- Social Studies
Tuesday & Wednesday- Science 
Thursday & Friday- Read Aloud/Shared Reading
2:10pm-2:25pm - Free Choice
2:30pm-3:10pm -Specials (Gym, Art, Music, Digital Literacy)
3:10pm-3:20pm- Dismissal

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