Jones, Michelle

Hello Parents!!!

Welcome to the month of love and enlightenment!  We will be celebrating the love we have for each other with fun activities and class parties!  We will celebrate Black History Month, by learning about and commemorating the lives of the African Americans that have made an imprint in our lives today.  We will also be celebrating our 100th day of school!



Our readers are entering the next unit called Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles. In this unit we will practice reading more complex books, so our reading skills may advance.

We will continue our practice on comprehension, letter/sound identification, and sight word recognition.



Our writers are moving on to the next unit called How-To Books. In this unit, the children will learn to write books that teach readers how to make / to do things (i.e. how to make a snowman).



Our Fundations program focuses on the introduction/review of all letters and letter sounds. It also focuses on the Penmanship of each letter.




We finished up Chapter 6, which focused on subtraction, and we are now doing Chapter 7, which focuses on a study of the numbers 11-19. In this chapter we will expose our children to place value.

Please remember to use thinkcentral, our online math resource!



Homework is given Monday-Thursday.

Please encourage our children to take pride in their work, and celebrate when they have completed their tasks. J