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We are starting to wind down our school year and together with your help I want to make sure all of the students are prepared for first grade.

Here are some helpful hints to help your child be ready.

  1. Let your child read everything and anything that he or she can. Making sure to get books that challenge them and some that are easy so that they do not get frustrated. Raz-kids can help.
  2. Count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100.
  3. Have them write about their favorite thing (what they did or watched or are going to do) DO NOT SPELL THE WORDS FOR THEM!! It is very important that they learn to sound out words.
  4. Review the sight words that I have been sending home for homework and include: the; and; I; going; Jack; Annie.
  5. Do simple addition and subtraction problems. (3+2=5 or 6-4=2).
  6. As always have them tell you what they did at school, what they learned.

All of these things will help your child succeeded not only in my class, but in first grade as well.





  1. April 15th-19th Spring break

Word families to practice:

-ook, -um. -at, -ot, -eg, -in, -ag, -ab, -ug, -it, -ub, -ig, -ip, -un,-ed, -ap, -ad, -ail, –ake, -ice, -ee, -ike, -ain, -ay, -ump, -ide, -ock, -ank, -ame, ing, -est, -ale, -ar, -ight, -oat, -ine, -ack, -oke, -ate, -ell, -unk, -ill, -ink, and  -ash


Sight words:

The, a, and, I, to, am, in, is, it, as, of, when, came, saw, was, mom, dad, going, are, we, see, be, she, he, me, at, into, what, how, some, an, yes, on,  no, they, there, like, if, do, so, go, you, said, an, by, at, was

Don't forget we are still working on the Magic Tree House series so here is the names of all that we should get to. We have already gotten to the ones in BLUE.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.


1.DinosaursBefore Dark
2.TheKnight at Dawn
3.Mummiesin the Morning
4.PiratesPast Noon
5.Nightof the Ninjas
6.Afternoonon the Amazon
7.Sunsetof the Saber tooth
8.Midnighton the Moon

9.Dolphins at Daybreak
10.GhostTown at Sundown
11.Lionsat Lunchtime
12.PolarBears Pasted Bedtime
13.VacationUnder the Volcano




Wednesday’s are library days.

Wednesday and Thursday is gym your child needs to wear sneakers.

Friday is Grandview Greatness day!! (Don’t forget to wear your Gecko shirts)

Please label all jackets and outer wear so that we know who’s is who’s.

Contact Me


      If you have any questions please feel free to check the website or email me at chhall@pway.org.

      I cannot answer the phone while I’m teaching, but I will get to any emails as soon as time warrants.



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