Campbell, Maryellen

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Ms. Campbell's Resource Center!

Grade: Resource Center 2nd and 3rd Grade
            Room: 18

Contact Information:
Phone: Ext. 5718

 Here is a little bit of my background.  I have been teaching for the Piscataway School District for 22 years.  I have taught all grades from Preschool to 3rd grade.  This year I am teaching the 3rd grade LAL inclusion class and Resource Center.  With that being said I would like you to know the expectations I have for all the students I work with are high. I expect the students to always try to the best of their ability.  I understand that everyone has a bad day here and there, but your children have helped me make up a set of class rules and I expect them honor them.   I also expect all students to complete their homework on a daily basis.  Your child has math and word work homework every night and they need to complete it.  I understand leading a busy life and once in a while having difficulty getting homework done, but this should not occur on a daily basis.  Your child's homework is an extension of the information I teach them during the day. I learn a lot from your children and hope I make learning fun for them.   Please contact me should you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your child.