Jones, Michelle


Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Bucci

 Room #5

Hello Parents!!!

Welcome to the month of May!  During our final full month of school, we are extremely excited about our Kindergarten Concert and Field Trip!

Please encourage your children to finish our year strong!  We need to remember to work hard until the end.  J



Our readers are finishing up our unit called Avid Readers.  In our last quarter, we will be working hard to reach our “reading goals.” 

We will continue our practice on comprehension, letter/sound identification, and sight word recognition.


Our writers are finishing up the unit called Persuasive Writings of All Kinds.  In this unit, the children learned how to write “convincing” letters, songs, and petitions, in an effort to make the world a better place.  We have grown SO much in this unit!


Our children continue to focus on blending sounds together to read words, as well as segment (breaking apart) words to hear each sound.  This will aid our reading and writing.  We will also focus on diagraphs (ch, th, sh) to enhance our spelling.

We just finished up Chapter 10, which focused on 3-d shapes, and we are now starting Chapter 11, which focuses measurement.  Please remember to use thinkcentral, our online math resource! 


Homework is given Monday-Thursday.

Please encourage our children to take pride in their work, and celebrate when they have completed their tasks.  J

Dates to Remember:

9th & 10th - Mother’s Day Plant Sale

10th – Kindergarten Musical

(9:30am & 2:00pm)

12th – Mother’s Day

13th – Last day to borrow books from the Grandview Library

16th – Career Day

17th – Dress Fancy Day

20th – Kindergarten Field Trip

24th, 27th & 28th – No School / Memorial Day Weekend

31th – Grandview Field Day!!!!!! JJJ